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Synthetic material in gloves is here to stay. As well as the advantage of greater choice of colors, synthetic gloves are washable and colorfast, usually more comfortable, flexible and durable. They retain their flexibility after being exposed to wet and damp, unlike most leather gloves. Synthetic materials are also always tested for hidden faults insuring that quality is maintained. Quality, Comfort, Flexibility, Durability, Style.

Aquasuede® & Aquasuede Plus®

Soft, colorfast, sweat absorbing, breathability, comfortable and washable.


Exclusive skin thin reinlock breathable palm for great grip.


The ultimate in feel, grip, breathability and finally, durability.


A synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber. Lightweight, soft, smooth, supple and provides a combination of comfort and fit.


Soft form fitting omni-directional stretch Nylon used for its ventilation and comfort characteristics.


An extremely versatile synthetic rubber which is soft, flexible and stretchable. Neoprene displays outstanding physical toughness and retains body heat.


Kevlar® is an extremely strong synthetic material that derives its strength from its weave. It is woven like tiny spider webs. Kevlar® is a special way of weaving a liquid into a solid. This is called an aramid weave. Aramid fibers tend to be difficult to corrode, resistant to heat, and have no melting point.


Deerskin Leather

Our North American deerskin leather has many advantages including comfort, durability, chafe resistance, and breath-ability.

Kid Leather (Goatskin)

Kid leather is one of the most durable leathers yet remains soft and flexible. It has been proven, from independent testing, that goat skin is nature’s softest leather after deerskin. It is also the softest leather due to the presence of lanolin.

Sheep Skin Leather

Incredibly comfortable sheepskin gloves provide an excellent feel of the reins. Several of many advantages include comfort, durability, chafe resistance, and breathability.

Cowhide Leather

Maximum value material for texture and appearance, provides a great finish. Cowhide is extremely durable, firm yet easy to break in, and comfortable.

Pigksin Leather

This leather is durable, supple, breathable, flexible, lightweight and extremely porous.



Silk fibers are the lightest of all natural fibers. Silk is both lightweight and incredibly warm. Silk is a natural insulator and breathes very well, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Silk fiber is lustrous, smooth, supple, lightweight, elastic, and strong.

Polar Fleece

Soft napped insulating synthetic wool fabric made from PET or other synthetic fibres and comfortable to wear, very warm and provides warmth without weighing a lot. A good alternative for those who are allergic or sensitive to wool.


The warmest thin glove insulation available, even in damp conditions. It provides about 1½ times the warmth of down, and about twice the warmth of other high loft insulation materials.